The Company

The MESY Group is a spin-off of WIPN Group. It's founded end of 2013. MESY (hereinafter The Company) is an original equipment manufacturer (hereinafter OEM), and will implement leading edge power-to-gas technologies in conjunction with exceptionally qualified partner firms.

The OEM is the holder for intellectual properties rights, patents and other markt parts of the products and marketing tools. The Company retains an extraordinarily competent management team for projects of this magnitude, and The Company developed the concepts of both the eIES© and laRET© systems. In addition, The Company concentrates a thoroughgoing knowledge of the applicable global market. This knowhow is the basis for development of requirement-oriented systems like eIES© and laRET©. The Company is the interface between the market and partner (group) firms, and within these relationships, have builtin contingency planning.

The technological analysis proves the industrial-scale conversion of energy, either feeding directly into existing energy networks or comprising a storable energy source like hydrogen, is a technology already available today. It is used frequently in other industries, e.g., the chemical industry. Hydrogen, in this analysis, is one of the most economically producable power sources. Therefore in principal, technology is readily available for the conversion of electricity into hydrogen. However, it must be adapted to different operations like wind power and solar cell energy production. It is here that The Company’s know-how is strategically positioned, as the market interface to group. Our principle "one-face-to-the-customer" is now real for a very complex product offer.

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