Power-to-Gas Business Case

  • Windmill farms above 10 MW:

    • Transforming surplus power to storable hydrogen gas. No more lost of power generation and ... money.

    • Windmil farms + laRET can continuously produce energy to store into electricity grids.


  • Photovoltaic farms above 10 MW:

    • Expands photovoltaic plant to energy provider for 24 hours (including night).

    • Photovoltaic farms + laRET can continuously produce energy to store into electricity grids.


  • Coal-fired power plants and other fossil energy based power plants

    • Substitute energy production of fossil energy based power plants, based on steam substitution.
    • Main goal: Reduction of CO2 emission of fossil base power stations like coal.


  • High Volume Energy Consumption Industry and laRET:

    • Steel manufacturing

    • Aluminum manufacturing

    • Cement production

    • etc.

    • Main goal: Reducing gas comsumption with cost reducings (gas or steam substitution).


  • Autonomous diversified infrastructure and eIES:

    • Camps, Houses, hospitals, etc.

    • Logistic Hubs

    • Hydrogen filling stations

    • etc.

    • Main goal: Independent energy supply.


  • Mobility infrastructure systems and eIES:

    • Autarchic energy production

    • storing and usin

    • Reducing logistic cycles in military sectors

    • Commercial infrastructure solution for hydrogen filling stations (one-to-many solution. Normaly on-to-one solultion (one production unit to one filling station))

    • Main goal: Const reduction of infrastructure development.


Product bases

  • laRET© Large Renewable Energy Transformer, stationary system solution.

  • eIES© Electrolysis based Independent hydrogen Energy storage Systems, mobile system solution.


We envision our turn key Power-to-Gas systems offer breakthrough follow-on technology for wind and solar parks worldwide.

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