Our concept basics

The use of surplus energy must be followed by an economic approach. This directive should be applicable in all countries. Regardless of any state subsidies. Can these government subsidies are also integrated into the business model, the economic effect should only be improved and not possible at all. Based on these guidelines, an economical installation of our technology only from a power input of at least one megawatt is acceptable. The more hydrogen can be produced and stored, the more efficient is the investment. Consequently can already major energy consumers will benefit and achieve a dampening effect in future increases in energy costs.

Energy is everywhere. To make them usable, you need the technology for transformation (wind to electricity, sun to electricity) and storing (electricity to hydrogen with the Large Renewable Energy Transformer Array)! Energy must not come only from the well. In the past, the focus was placed on the production of energy from wind and solar, in non-storable electricity. Now we focus on the conversion of electricity into an easy transportable and storable energy form, hydrogen. Transportable with pipes, simple tanks, as gas or liquid, with cars, trucks, ships or planes. Storable into pipes, bottles, gasometer or caverns. All these technologies are available and under economic aspects well useable. And the best, hydrogenis no more dangerous than other fuels. It rises up fast and is quickly diluted, so that can not concentrate in an explosive mixture. After bombardment tests of hydrogen tanks by the military, a hydrogen tank was classified considered safer than a diesel tank.


Example business case

Plant for Aluminum Oxide Production using surplus energy of wind farms


As an example, we use as following a manufacturing process for aluminum production. The aluminum manufacturer, example manufacturer called Aluminum Manufacturer (hereinafter ALU), is a company specializing in the production of aluminum oxide with an annual production capacity approximately 1,000,000 tons (2.0 million U.S. tons) and using 2.0 TWh of electricity annually for its production processes. The basic raw material used for this process is bauxite ore. Natural gas is the primary form of energy used by this enterprise. It is of vital importance that its energy sources are available, continuously and in sufficient quantity, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Business Model

Sample calculation results indicate that using surplus electricity of 50 MW, approximately 11,400 Nm3/h of hydrogen gas can be produced with the Large Renewable Energy Transformer (hereinafter laRET© ). The surplus current can be purchased for its own use at very favorable price, or be taken over by an attached wind farm. This produced hydrogen can be used to feed into its natural gas supply, or as a substitute for natural gas. In our sample calculations, approximately 8%–10% of the natural gas supply could be substituted with hydrogen on an annual basis. With a laRET© installation, the 8%–10% could be increased. The storage capability of hydrogen assures and makes possible a continuous reliable supply for production processes.


Calculation Framework

  1. Link to a wind farm with 250 MW total output. The maximum connected load of 50 MW surplus energy is only achieved up to 80% (weather-related assumptions).

  2. The internal energy sliding average price per KWh corresponds to the purchase price of natural gas. For this, an average value was determined.

  3. The total system indicates system dynamics of 56%. In addition, system dynamics per plant of approximately 60% per single electrolyser system were considered, so that the very dynamic input wattages from wind farm or solar parks can be converted optimally into gas production.

  4. The calculated total efficiency of the technology chain is approximatly 54%.

    Average efficiency of standard coal fired power plants technology chain worldwide is aproximately 26% (aproximately efficiency of coal fired power plants 31%, 8% energy lost of high power lines, 12% lost of energy of transformation).


Note: All data are examples and has no pretension of realizations.

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