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May 01, 2017, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY©
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: MESY HP signs contract with strong investors for rollout.

As a first important success of the new company, the conclusion of investment contracts with strong investors may be referred to. Against the backdrop of a steadily increasing demand for clean energy MESY HP has been able to convince rich investors from its concept.
CEO Kay Golze said in an interview: "We are currently the only company that offers a profitable business concept for hydrogen production and use. On this basis, we were able to convince financially strong investors." Together with our investors MESY HP offers an additional investment opportunity for potential customers in its projects.
For a first project MESY HP has received a written commitment. The investment for a first project has a total of 43 million euros.


February 27, 2017, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY©
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: New subsidiary successfully established, MESY Hydrogen Power GmbH (MESY HP GmbH)

MESY has established a new subsidiary in January 2017th. The company has been officially registered in February 2017 as a new company. With the new company MESY specializes its structure. The new company MESY HP GmbH can further develop its technology and place as an independent product hyENTRANCE in the market. 
For the development of the technology, the company will participate investors to this important process. This is an outstanding technology available for interested investors. The new technology can drastically reduced emissions in existing power plants. For this technology a global large market exists.


July 23, 2016, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY© GmbH and the MESY Group©
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: Opened negotiations with ThyssenKrupp Uhde

MESY has opened negotiations with ThyssenKrupp Uhde. The goal is to expand the product range of MESY and to offer higher performance of single electrolyzers.


April 04, 2016, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY© GmbH and the MESY Group©
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: Expansion of MESY Group.

Today we can announce with great pride that the MESY group has been supplemented by Clean Energy Systems Inc (CES). MESY integrates the high-performance technology of CES in its product portfolio for the global market. CEO Kay Golze summed it up: "The technology complements the infrastructure product LARET and allows customers to use a matched technology chain for an professional industrial market. We are on the way, that we are the world leader in green CO2 reduction technology for the industry.". Together with CES MESY offers exclusively a concerted technology solution from a single source with outstanding technology companies and economic solutions on an industrial scale.

The MESY group is pleased with the new partners and their cooperation, as well as the presentation of convincing solutions on the global markets. MESY's product offerings complements also the technology from CES in excellent manner.



December 15, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY© GmbH and the MESY Group©
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: After the World Climate Summit 2015

After the World Climate Summit 2015 MESY completes its strategy.

With our total rental offer of the transformation of energy from CO2-free electricity sources, the medium-term and long-term storage, transportation, and the reconversion of the stored energy, is an integrated technology chain profitable for the market. On the side of the energy recovery can we now, i.e. at the output of the energy transport systems blueSKY, announce the significant expansion of our the strategy. In principle, our strategy focused markets of renewable energies. Today there is no technology offering on the markets that is comparable with MESY. And is able, to store energy for months on an industrial scale, transport the energy over thousands of miles and present a solution for high efficient energy recovering.

Now we present the solution to reducing CO2 emissions for active fossil power plants, we call them Carbon Emission Reduction (CER). This is unique in the market. We help the governments with an economic approach, now to reduce CO2 and not only in years. We clearly support the global agreement of the state, to fall below the two degrees mark. The technology is available, and the strategy is available, now! A good message for the climate.

For more informations click here or send us your inquiry.



December 1, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY© GmbH and the MESY Group©
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: World Climate Summit 2015

MESY offers a realistic strategy for Carbon Emission Reduction (CER). Against the backdrop of the World Energy Summit is a realistic solution that can be accepted in emerging countries, urgently needed. MESY offers a solution that can be used, now. We have the know-how, technology, products and resources, to provide solutions. Our solution reduces the CO2 emissions and save investments.

And the best part is, it can now be used to reduce the pollutant emissions, not in five years, not in ten years, now. The solution is available now.

For more information, check our home page or send us your E-Mail.



September 3, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY© GmbH and the MESY Group©
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: MESY has been converted to a corporation.

I am very pleased to announce that the MESY has evolved into a corporation.

We will push this development of MESY and MESY group of companies at all levels. This includes raising capital, the development of projects and the development of our products. MESY will participate in spin-offs and new companies when they develop technology for our product portfolio.

Our next goal is the realization of the THOR project, Europe's largest installation for the conversion of green electricity into hydrogen. THOR will go with a connected load of 30 to 50 MW. MESY is seeking the best location in Europe as specially in Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

On the technology level we starts the developing and production of high temperature steam generator for 50 and 100 MW thermal. In the future this devices are the basic technology for transforming hydrogen into electricity. For further information please contact us.

We look forward to a successful development in the next development phase.



June 15, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: McPhy, MESY Group Member.

McPhy press release:

Hydrogen generation: McPhy Energy and ThyssenKrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers seal a strategic commercial alliance.

McPhy Energy to become ThyssenKrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers’ exclusive supplier for high-capacity, high-pressure hydrogen generation equipment for the carbon-free mobility and renewable energy sectors.

Company press release see here.



June 12, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY Project Company© and the MESY Group©
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: MESY is expanding its technological Portofilo.

I am pleased to be able to report that we have completed as of today a common first contract between MESY and Neuman-Esser. This completes the system offer of the MESY. The compressors represent the technical link between the electrolysis plant and the gas feeding in a pipeline.



June 3, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: McPhy, MESY Group Member.

McPhy press release:

Hydrogen as energy source: a €6.4 million contract for the Chinese province of Hebei.

McPhy Energy selected to deliver a 4 MW "Wind to hydrogen" system combining the Group's most advanced electrolysis and storage products.

Company press release see here.

MESY congratulates its corporate partners.



June 1, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY Project Company© and the MESY Group©
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: MESY opened new offices.

The MESY has opened new Representation in Italy and Middle Germany. A new branch of MESY is opened in Milano, Italy. This office represent the MESY into Italy.

Also a new representation for the region Middle Germany would be installed. The region includes the states Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt and Sachsen.



March 10, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY Project Company© and the MESY Group©
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: MESY present a new offer for tender in Afrika.

The MESY has present a new offer for a set of gas power stations. The power plants have a capacity of about 1 GW. Afrika needs power for the next phase of economy development. This continent has the chance to get the newest technology for national energy productions. If the national governments of Afrika understands and get this chance - this was the basis of the Wirtschaftswunder in Germany in the 1960 -,it is the basis for a new sustainable economic growth.



February 20, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO/CTO MESY Project Company© and the MESY Group©
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: MESY Group upgrading

MESY completes the group of companies, as well as services and market power. The ZERNA Baumanagement has joined the MESY Group. As of now, the company is responsible for the planning and installation of all industrial buildings, like LARET. The excellent know how from this company was the decisive factor for inclusion in our group.



Januar 28, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO MESY Project Company© and the MESY Group©
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: Preparing Projects for 2015

MESY project company is preparing the THOR project in Germany and Italy, also energy storing and repowering project in China. Other new projects are on the aquisition-agenda of the MESY. MESY has also focused this year new solutions to transport energy over hundrets of kilometers from wind farms into the energy or power markets.



Januar 27, 2015, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Management, MESY Project Company© and the MESY Group©
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: Tender Project in Afrika

MESY project company has to announce that MESY not pursued preparations for the tender of the FCDA, Nigeria for the procurement of various technologies. In cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, the relevant embassies, as well as the regional offices of the German Chamber of Commerce, the launch of the tender was checked for conformity. It was found that the rules of the international "public procurement Act 2007", part VI., art. 25 (2i) ff  have not been fulfilled. To protect our group, compliance with international treaties and standard terms and conditions for tenders are basic. Only this guarantees that our services and products can be deliver to the customer in a correct way. 



November 7, 2014, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO MESY Project Company© and the MESY Group©
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: Expansion of the MESY Group

Today, with immediate effect, the MESY Project Company© announces a contract has been completed with AEG Industrial Engineering AG. This event strengthens the MESY Group© in the area of technical-planning competence for industrial facilities with one of the most prestigious engineering companies, one specializing in electrolysis, as well as energy-intensive supplies for industrial plants, and with technological emphasis toward MESY System Products.

AEG Industrial Engineering AG (AEG-IE) is now available and responsible for technical-planning implementation with the entire MESY product line. AEG-IE is distinguished for its comprehensive technological knowledge — and can now apply this to MESY’s technology-chain products — excellent global references over decades, and is noted for creative technological solutions with difficult problems. The MESY Group© can rely confidently on AEG-IE’s global network and resources for: MESY System Products and related technical-service issues, and direct on-site support services.



October 1, 2014, Berlin, Germany

FROM: Mr. Kay Golze, CEO MESY Project Company© and the MESY Group©
Comments re: the DIN-Workshop, Energy Storage Technology
September 29, 2014

Climate change and the increasing scarcity of resources require a change in overall power supply structure. In 2011, a new energy policy involving the phase-out of nuclear energy over the medium term, requires extensive changes in how Germany’s electrical energy is supplied. In this context, evolving innovative wind- and solar-energy technologies come to the fore. Improvements in energy-storage technologies mitigating weather-related and other causes of fluctuation in these energy sources, become increasingly important. At the same time, these must address increasing flexibility of electrical energy demands. This can only be accomplished by implementing new energy-storage systems adapted to evolving
patterns of electrical energy production and consumption.

The goal of the workshop is to create new networks that will drive energy-storage
standardization, and thereby produce relevant added value for the market. In this regard, existing national and other legal regulations, and activities at the European and international level, must be taken into account.

MESY noted in the workshop that at this time in Germany, there is no financial incentive for wind- or solar-energy providers to invest in energy-storage systems. Compensation to wind and solar-energy producers typically amounts to approximately 90%. For example, although favorable conditions for wind-energy production during off-peak periods would normally dictate continued energy production, power grid reasons force these producers to simply shut down production — disconnect from the electrical grid — because there is no energy storage capability. To ensure that NO energy is produced, the producers receive a compensation payment from the state. These contradictory circumstances hinder investment and development of business models centering on energy-storage technological innovations. Private companies cannot compete against the large guaranteed payments by the state over decades. However, the existing legal framework prevents the investments into energy-storage technology, and therefore, urgently required innovations are prevented in Germany.

This note includes, with great care and attention, confirmation from various  workshop participants.


Notice, Berlin, 19. Sept. 2014

MESY starts new strategy of "Low Carbon Energy Production".

After the presentation of MESY to reduce CO2 emissions from conventional power plants using renewable energy technology, MESY has started the strategy of "Low Carbon Energy Production".

With this initiative we want to make the new facility known, how CO2 can be saved cost-effectively by the combination of renewable energies and standard coal power plants.


Notice, Berlin, 15. Sept. 2014

MESY talks with various ambassadors in the Asia Pacific meeting.

MESY has started the dialog with representatives of governments of the asien pacific region. At the meeting of the Asia-Pacific meeting MESY has presented new solutions for conversion, storage and repowering for renewable energy. Some representatives have expressed a strong interest in reducing CO2 emissions. MESY was asked to present their solutions.


Notice, Berlin, 9. Sept. 2014

Successful THOR© meeting has been held by MESY and partners.

The members of the project group THOR© joined the meeting on 05/09/2014 in Codogno, Italy. The project and the opportunities were discussed in all details.

Between the project partners it was ruled consensus, that a strong innovation is now available for the renewable energy market and for the market of conventional energy with the THOR© project. A first test installation of the "Hydrogen Energy Transformation Facility" (HyEntrans©) will be done in the next few weeks. Therefor a complete technology chain is brought into function (energy transformation, gas production (H2 + O2), gas storage and transportation, HyEntrans, power generation).

Already available for installation in a coal power plant, is a Hydrogen Energy Transformation Facility with a capacity of 25 MW. If multiple HyEntrans-systems will be installed, the operation of turbines with several hundred MW of electricity will be available.


Notice, Berlin, 28. Aug. 2014

Preparations for the project meeting THOR© have been completed by MESY.

All project partners (technology partners, companies, lab and scientist) will meet September 5th in Italy for the first THOR© project meeting. According to the first assessment of the project the German scientific partners expect a great opportunity to achieve the project objectives.

The project will set new standards in technology for the reduction of CO2 in existing coal, gas and oil power plants.The project will proof the efficiency of economy and effectiveness of selected technologies.

One of the expected results of the project meeting will be the definition of further development.


Notice, Berlin, 17. July 2014

Completion of the product range accomplished

MESY completes its product range. With the blueSKY© line, the product range of the technology group is completed. The product offer contains now the laRET, eIES and the blueSKY line.

With the blueSKY line, it is possible to transport/distribute the transformed energy over long distances from the renewable energy source (wind frams, hydropower station, etc.) to the customers. Also, the product line includes the ability, in multi-digit megawatt range, to convert the energy back into electricity. For more information klick to the "Product" menu or click here.


Notice, Berlin, 13. June 2014

Meeting with the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWI), Germany

Theme: Concepts and strategies utilizing RePower innovations in Power-To-Gas technology.

Mr. Kay Golze, manager of MESY©, discussed various fields in which Power-To-Gas technology is applicable. Several intriguing talking points emerged during lively discussions centering on: funding mechanisms, the German domestic market structure, and applicability for potential customers. MESY© has established new technological trends, and provides professional guidance in relation to future market potential. New aspects of energy distribution from offshore wind farms to southern Germany were presented. Citizen resistance was discussed, and new technological concepts possess advantages that lend themselves to ameliorate the present contentious situation. There was a lively exchange of views about a new project which would asses the best technologies for RePower.


Notice, Berlin, 3. June 2014

Seminar on Power-To-Gas at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany

Presentation theme: Markets and Technologies. “Scenarios using green hydrogen markets in the future.”

Mr. Kay Golze, manager of the MESY Group©, was invited to present in depth, the firm’s Power-To-Gas technological concept. During the presentation, differences emerged concerning the interpretation of Power-To-Gas between MESY© and DENA. This difference centers on the introduction of hydrogen into the larger natural gas grid. MESY© views the infusion of hydrogen into the natural gas grid as an important complement to natural gas supplies in Germany. MESY© also considers the injection of hydrogen into the natural gas grid as a stand-alone application (usage), and not an element of Power-To-Gas. DENA, however, interprets the introduction of hydrogen as a central element in the Power-To-Gas concept. The discussion was useful and productive, the presentation a valuable contribution to the seminar.


Notice, Datum: 27. Mai 2014

Press release

Der Vorstand der MESY gibt den Abschluss eines Kooperationsvertrages mit dem führenden Unternehmen für Alkaline Electrolyzer, McPhy energy S.A, bekannt.

„Dieser Kooperationsvertrag wird die Möglichkeiten der MESY Group bei der Lieferung von großen Elektrolyse-Anlagen erheblich verbessern“, so Kay Golze, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung der MESY Group. 

Die MESY Group ist der größte europäische Verbund von Unternehmen aus dem Power-to-Gas Markt. "Unser Ziel ist es, der bedeutendste Ansprechpartner im Power-to-Gas Markt zu werden und den Kunden maßgeschneiderte Lösungen zu bieten", so K. Golze weiter.

Mit den Produkten LARET und EIES (siehe auch Menü Products) bietet die MESY schon heute Lösungen für autonome Energieversorgung, oder für große festinstalliert Anlagen im Industriemaßstab, zur Energieumwandlung und Speicherung.

McPhy web page:

MESY web page:


Notice, Berlin, 11. April 2014

The management of MESY attended the Hannover Messe. In Hall 27 members of the MESY Group had issued their technologies and set new standards. In particular, the company SERA has show a pattern of its high-performance compressor. The company H2Nitidor shows a complete container solution for generating hydrogen. 

This year, the Hanover Messe was able to present many new innovations and was for trade visitors a special highlight of the year.


Notice, Berlin, 24. March 2014

For customers and potential customers there as of today the opportunity to network directly with the management of MESY. The management is now present in the business platform With this platform, decision-makers can be networked and companies can be linked together. Also can be added directly contact on various issues.


Notice, Berlin: 14. March 2014

GCC-Germany Investor and Business Forum

Kay Golze, head of MESY, is visiting the forum. Many new business contacts were closed. Existing contacts were extended. MESY comes with its products to the market.


Notice, Berlin: February 2014

After the founding of MESY Group in December, 2013, the group has now started work in February 2014. First acquisitions and presentations have already been carried out.

The group meets with a clear offer in the market that has already led to a high level of attention. Getting visitors from Germany, Spain and Portugal have registered an interest. Many economic contacts in many countries of the world are now advised of the possibility of industrial energy storage from wind and solar installations. The roll out of the products in the market has begun.

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