Professional Energy-Transforming Technology, Storing and Repowering for Wind and Photovoltaic farms, and more...

MESY's offers: A clear design in technology, economy and product offer.

MESY is the first company that can offer a complete solution for transforming, storing and repowering of Renewable Energy. In difference to other offers, we are in the position to deliver the technologies. Our solutions and products are only for the professional energy markets around the world. As one highlight, we can reduce CO2-emissions of running fossil fule power plants without following costs like CCS. With this new concept and use of our technology, we are in the position to dramatically reduce expansion costs for power grids. With a single energy transformer, we can convert 400 GWh per year into storable gas (H2 and O2) to shift the use of energy into another season. With our HYENTRANS we can convert this stored energy into electricity and heat, at this places where they are required. Please look to our products and concepts.

What is a realistic concept of Power-To-Gas?
understands Power-to-Gas
... power or electricity into gas like Hydrogen and Oxygen.

MESY's production integration


Product principles

Newer studies of storage technologies for fluctuating renewable energy sources indicate using electrolysis technology that transforms electrical power into hydrogen and oxygen, can now be measured in industry-standard units of megawatts or gigawatts. The water electrolysis process is a proven and well established industry standard over the past 60 years. The resulting hydrogen is usually stored and used as a primary energy source. Hydrogen can be stored in underground facilities like caverns, above ground in gasometers, or in transportable tanks like POP's from the eIES© system.

Electricity required during peak-production periods can be supplemented by utilizing stored hydrogen in fuel cells, or specially designed gas turbines to produce the necessary amounts required. This hydrogen can also be used as a supplementary supply for the natural gas network (a well known process used for decades, typically called “coal gas”), or simply used as a fuel supply to be burned. Therefore for the customer, hydrogen produced directly from green energy sources, wind or solar, offers a supplementary source that can be mixed with natural gas. The calorific value, depending on the admixture, can be varied to better suit their production processes as required.

Overview of the complete product solution,

laRET© Stationary. Transform the energy source into storable gas (H2+O2),

eIES© Moveable. Transform the energy source into storable gas (H2+O2),

blueSKY© Gas transport (H2+O2) and Interface solutions for industry,

and integration into existing energy structures.


MESY's technology bridge between Renewable Energy Producers and Energy Consumption Markets.

Professional bridge technology between Energy Producers and Consumers.

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Increasing share of renewable energy in state of the art energy grids is ac­companied by decreasing efficiency. Not used surplus energy has bad impact on the cost benefit analysis of windmill and photovoltaic farms. Wind and sun do not care about the energy demand of consumers. (Ac­cording to the German Wind Energy Association, around 150 gigawatt hours of surplus wind energy were lost in this way in 2011 in Germany alone).

Power-to-Gas, the storage technology is available to minimize the prob­lem of surplus renewable energy, without feeding into natural gas pipelines. Also reduces storage technology the power grid instabilities. Renewable Energy production needs buffer in the same dimension as they produces the energy. We offer the technology chain from the conversion of the current, the storage and transport, as well as the re-transformation in power.

Please take a look to our company presentation for more background informations (klick here). For product details, please use our pages of "Products".

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