The eIES System

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 Elements of EIES-Systems (overview):


The eIES System is transportable. It is a container solution, stackable. Every eIES produce hydrogen up to 120 Nm3/h. The containers include the entire technology to produce hydrogen, gas compression and automatic gas filling. The gas is filling into Power Packs, called POP. For location independing use of gas, a dischare station contains the POP for discharging the hydrogen gas. The POP's can be transproted with standard transportation systems like cars, trucks etc.

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Hydorgen production and auto filling station

Fill hydrogen into POP's. 4 up to 10 solts parallel filling.

filling station - in work
EIES filling station, 10 slots, with POP's
EIES filling station perspective view
filling station - standard filling station - transparent
EIES filling station station FS 120 EIES filling station (principle construction)
Gas production unit  
EIES electrolyzer station TS 120 EIES electrolyzer (principle construction)


Discharge stations

Discharging hydrogen on demand.

DC 4 tl DC 2 fl DC 10 fl
DC4-TL350 dualmode DC2-FL350 standard DC10-FL350 standard


POP storage system

Hydrogen storage system, stackable, flexible, robust, easy to handle, easy transportable.

This system contains the technology for auto-filling and auto-discharging. This is unique in the world and make the handling of Hydrogen more safer and easyer.

POP's front side Freely chosen POP storehouse
Single POP, WEH filler rod side  



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