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CER Carbon Emission Reduction technology

MESY offers a realistic strategy for Carbon Emission Reduction. Against the backdrop of the World Energy Summit is a realistic solution that can be accepted in emerging countries, urgently needed.

For more informations, please open this presentation

Download: MESY-Carbon Emission Reduction strategy-Presentation.pdf

Download: HYENTRANS and SPI product concept.pdf


Projects in development

Project for the reduction of CO2 in existing and future coal-fired power plants.

Title: THOR - Two Hydrogen Oxygen Recombination

Briefing: Test of two different methods for existing coal-fired power plants. Supply process gas from the electrolysis into the combustion chamber. Supply of steam from a steam generator directly into the steam turbines. The principles can be seen in the following pictures. 

The differences between CCS and CER

The important consequences and benefits for other states


CO2-Free City: Sample Berlin, Germany

Description: Concept and presentation

Download (only in German)


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