Realtime simulation and animation


Simulation and animation for presentation, exhibition and realtime controlling.

  • Function: Realtime Simulation and animation. Example of a control interface for a real plant.
  • Content: LARET and EIES plant. Detail information about technology, company and functionality.

Download: laret_inside_runtime 64bit 1280x720 (16t9).zip


System requirements

System requirements for laRET Inside Simulation and Animation

Microsoft Windows 64 Bit-System (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8)

Our test environments:


Low budget computer Lenovo H520 with on-board graphic (Intel HD Graphic 1000 (GT1))

RAM: 8 GByte

Processor: Intel G645 dual cores; 2.9 GHz

Operating System:

MS Windows XP 64 bit

Win7 64 bit

Win8 64 bit



RAM: 8 GByte

CPU: Dual Core, 2.5 GHz or better

Graphic: Minimum Intel HD Graphics 1000 (GT1). Midsize or high performance graphic card (graphic RAM consumption for continuing animation/simulation: 1,4 GByte)

Supported screen formats available (scalable):

1024 x 768 pixel (4:3 format=OH projector)

1280 x 720 pixel (16:9 format=HDTV)


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