Plant pictures of laRET and eIES system

Example 50 MW connecting power


The plant can be download as a interactive 3D animation.

Plant overview of 50 MW realisation

Plant overview. 50 MW Transformer Array with 5 clusters.

Injection of hydrogen. Output hydrogen gasometer.

Overview laRET plant and eIES container, power input, windfarm.



Plant current input. Transformator.

Plant current input. Transformator and power controller.

The EIES System container and power packs (POP)

POP storage place. eIES production, compression and filling stations.

The EIES POP stoarge (simple)

POP storage place. POP containing gas product classification "Super Power".

Backside of the

eIES internal: Filling station with 10 slots.

eIES internal: eIES hydrogen compression cluster. Some different controllers, hydorgen electrolysis.

eIES internal: eIES hydrogen compression from 300 up to 750 bar.


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