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MESY's strategy for Carbon Emission Reduction (CER)

MESY offers a realistic and economic strategy for Carbon Emission Reduction. Against the backdrop of the World Energy Summit is a realistic solution that can be accepted in emerging countries, urgently needed. MESY offers a solution that can be used, now.

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A side effect of CER is that it reduces the integration costs of wind and photovoltaic parks into electricity system. The combination of fluctuating renewable energy sources with conventional at will energy production reduces the investment costs in the development of an integrated energy system. This is particularly welcome for countries with little capital resources when they integrate their energy systems.

The strategy is the first approach that enables the economic use of renewable energy. The introduction of a steam substitution will also smooth the sharp fluctuations in renewable energy sources. This strong and load-dependent smoothing reduces the high expenditure in network stabilization. The following graph illustrates the current strategy and the network integration strategy we prefer.


Realistic Technology integration overview




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