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MESY's strategy for Carbon Emission Reduction (CER)

MESY offers a realistic and economic strategy for Carbon Emission Reduction. Against the backdrop of the World Energy Summit is a realistic solution that can be accepted in emerging countries, urgently needed. MESY offers a solution that can be used, now.

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A side effect of CER is that it reduces the integration costs of wind and photovoltaic parks into electricity system. The combination of fluctuating renewable energy sources with conventional at will energy production reduces the investment costs in the development of an integrated energy system. This is particularly welcome for countries with little capital resources when they integrate their energy systems.


The strategy is the first approach that enables the economic use of renewable energy. The introduction of a steam substitution will also smooth the sharp fluctuations in renewable energy sources. This strong and load-dependent smoothing reduces the high expenditure in network stabilization. The following graph illustrates the current strategy and the network integration strategy we prefer.

A coal-fired power plant can be converted into a Low-Emission Power Plant (LEPP). The phased conversion would gradually reduce the burning of coal and increase consumption of clean hydrogen. As more and more green steam is replaced by our technology in a coal-fired power station, less and less coal is consumed. As a result, pollutant emissions and all other waste, such as slag and dust, are decreasing. The following graph shows this gradual conversion of the power plant and the safe replacement of the fuels.

What is the best technology and has the most economy effects? The graph below shows the difference between the known CCS process and our approach. The difference is significant in investment costs and subsequent costs. With our technology, all initial investments are roughly the same as those of a CCS plant. With our CER technology, there are no follow-up costs! CCS technology produces significant risks and follow-up costs.

The following graph provides an overview of a real installation in a coal-fired power plant with e.g. 800 MW with our technology HYENTRANS, storing unit blueSKY and energy transformation unit LARET. On the right is the schematic representation of the integration into the steam tunnel. With our technology and integration concept, safe installation is possible without a great deal of change in the power plant. Both systems, i.e. the conventional and our HYENTRANS, are also very quickly and easily separable. This is particularly important for emergencies.

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